EFB Batteries

EFB Batteries

EFB batteries are considered the innovative future of battery production. Many European manufacturers have long switched to these technologies. The domestic market is only now beginning to switch and release such batteries. Technology is more affordable Agmbut at the same time will last much longer. Many manufacturers present this product. Having studied its features, advantages and methods of charging, it is worth making a choice in favor of EFB.

What is an EFB battery

Enhanced Flooded Battery in English means "advanced liquid electrolyte battery." The design uses thickened plates of lead, which have a large capacity and charging speed.

varta blue dynamic

Microfibers are filled with liquid sulfuric acid electrolyte, like an envelope, cover plates. This approach allows you to protect the plate from sulfation, short circuit, premature battery failure. Safety when using this model is guaranteed.

Where are EFB batteries used?

Initially, they were created for cars with a Start-Stop system, which is relevant for the European automobile market. If you use a conventional battery, then it will not withstand many starts during the day. But EFB technology can easily do this. Charging is carried out as quickly as possible, therefore, even with a short trip, the generator compensates for the energy spent.

The scope of the battery is the most diverse and should not be limited only to the car. They are used for boats, motorhomes, hybrids, electric cars. Indisputable advantages determine the popularity of the product - long service life, resistance to deep discharges, fast charge.

Applied technology in EFB batteries

  • The plates use more lead than conventional lead-acid batteries;
  • Since there is more lead, the electrolyte itself is significantly less (about 3 times);
  • Positively charged plates are wrapped in a special porous bag, which allows electrolyte to pass through but does not allow oxides that destroy the plates to settle;
  • Due to protection against sulfation, the battery has become resistant to deep discharges (withstands up to 150 deep discharges);
  • Refined lead is used, so the charging process is much faster (the battery can charge even if you are driving in a traffic jam on a car with the Start-Stop system);
  • Adhesions on the plates are made according to vibration resistant technologies, which reduces the risk of mechanical damage to the plates;
  • The modern labyrinth lid eliminates the possibility of electrolyte boiling off (it condenses and goes through the special channels to the bottom of the can), which makes the battery completely maintenance-free (shelf life of up to 10 years or more);

All sealed batteries are equipped with a pressure relief valve. If the electrolyte begins to boil violently and there is a danger of battery explosion, steam (boiling electrolyte) will be vented through these valves. This can severely lower the liquid level in the cans, causing the battery to fail.


Advantages and disadvantages

Positive characteristics determine the popularity of the presented models:

  • Resistance to discharges almost to zero. In this case, the capacity is restored to almost 100%. Conventional batteries in such cases lose part of their life.
  • It operates in the temperature range from -50 to +60 ° C.
  • Inrush current indicators improved by 30-50% compared to standard batteries;
  • The electrolyte practically does not evaporate.
  • Safe due to the lack of evaporation of the electrolyte.
  • Improved indicators of the current cold scroll, allowing the device to work at low temperatures.
  • Charge-discharge - a cycle that can be carried out more times than with ordinary batteries. At the same time, functionality is preserved.
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The main disadvantage is the high cost of the product, which not every consumer decides.

The difference between EFB and AGM

AGM and EFB technologies are similar to each other, the main difference is the electrolyte used. In the first case, liquid is used, fiberglass acts as an envelope. This option does not pour out at all.


At the EFB it is also liquid, when you shake it is even audible how it flops, but it is much smaller, and the plates are wrapped denser. The electrochemical liquid is not sealed inside the fiberglass. We can say that EFB technology is a cross between ordinary batteries and AGM.

Design differences include:

  • The thickness of the plate is greater, which means that the duration of the work increases.
  • With less electrolyte and the use of purified lead, the charge accumulates by 45%.
  • EFB will cost less than AGM. However, the latter have the best characteristics, as proven by alphaline batteries.

How to charge an EFB battery

To charge such a battery, you will not have to learn anything new. Due to the similar design, the process has the same character as when charging AMG. The main thing in this matter is the reconciliation of a quality charger and following the instructions. The voltage of the charger should not exceed 14.4 V. It is good if the charger has a current indication, which allows you to track the indicator.

When connecting the device to the terminals, it is important to observe the polarity. If charging drops below 2.5 A, then the charging process can be considered complete. You should not use the accelerated mode, so as not to encounter the problem of increased gas formation. Opening the cork, which may lead to a change in chemical equilibrium, is not allowed.


Which EFB battery is better to choose

Among domestic manufacturers, products are popular:

  • Akom, represented by seven types of batteries, the capacity of which varies from 55 to 100 A / h. The cost of products corresponds to the declared characteristics.
  • Due to the use of special additives, Ultimatum batteries have improved charge reception and service life.
  • The combination of flawless assembly and modern technology is the products of a domestic enterprise Tubor. Among the wide assortment, each consumer will be able to find a suitable model.
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Among foreign manufacturers it is impossible to pass by:

  • Varta Blue Dynamic is an entire line from Varta that focuses on products with EFB technology. It differs in capacity and price.
  • Turkish manufacturer Mutlu Over 60 years of existence on the market, it offers a wide range of batteries for cars and trucks. Due to good performance, products are installed on the car even with the initial factory equipment.
  • Bosch s5 - a battery that was created under the well-known Stop Go technology. Saves fuel, reduces emissions and noise by reducing idle time.

Having complete information is no longer so difficult to make a choice in favor of a particular EFB.


Did you have or have a battery with EFB technology? Then tell us in the comments about your impressions about him, this will greatly help other motorists and will make the material more complete and accurate.


To make the right choice, it is worth evaluating the feedback from users who have already tested products in practice:

  1. The battery cost 30 percent more than a conventional battery. Learned about the products Forse from car sites. The manufacturer gives a guarantee of not less than five years. Really satisfied with the purchase. Despite overpaying, there are no problems with this product. The consultant suggested the best model among batteries with a capacity of 60-75 Ah. Despite the low temperatures in winter, it starts well.
  2. Having studied the market, I decided to save. I took the EFB model instead of the AGM battery.Generally did not regret it. It works without interruptions so far, their characteristics are similar, but the price is much lower. Westa red Suitable for cars, boats, motorhomes. I was pleased with the guarantee from the manufacturer for five years, which means it will last a long time. I am glad that the battery can withstand up to 1000 charge-discharge cycles and does not lose its capacity. There were situations when you had to charge fully and repeatedly. I took the model easier with a capacity of 60 Ah, a friend familiarized with a more expensive model, but he needed for the unit to work properly.
  3. I repeatedly read that the characteristics of EFB are better than any other options. It is more expensive than an ordinary battery, but the money spent justifies itself. Much longer service life, inrush currents, warranty. There is a possibility that he leaves for 4 years not exposed by the manufacturer, but all 7. my battery has already worked for 3 years, so far no complaints.
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EFB - the batteries of the future, which boast a long service life, endurance. You will not have to provide constant recharging, worry about the capacity. The technology provides resistance to discharges, temperature changes. The secret of such characteristics lies in the design and reconciliation of special materials. Domestic manufacturers took the baton and also began to make high-quality batteries of the EBF.

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